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The US Mining Industry and Its Effects on the Economy

There has been vast exploitation of minerals ever since the Stone Age period, and the current technological advancements have made it possible to tap into more minerals and dig deeper to find them. Advancements in wear technology have made it possible for mining machinery to last longer when digging or tunneling the ground. The technology has also reduced maintenance costs since miners no longer have to constantly replace the machinery. As a result, we have managed to explore the vast land and extract the finest minerals in the country. If you want more information on wear technology, you can visit the following website: Below, you are going to read about the minerals available in our country and how their values fare in the global market.


Copper has been ranked as a versatile and reliable mineral. Unlike many metal mineral resources, copper has several uses and is highly utilized in the United States. One of the most common uses of copper is making quarters and cents. American mints now only administer coins made of copper alloys, and so do several other countries. Silver is no longer used because it has become more scarce. Additionally, due to its physical properties in being a good heat and electricity conductor, copper is widely used in making electrical equipment. Tech manufacturing companies also use copper in car and boat motors. Other uses include wiring and tubing. The United States has always been one of the world’s pioneers in gun production, and it’s broadly known that copper is one of the major raw materials used in the production of firearms. In addition, it can also be used in building construction as well as medical equipment.


Among the most valuable mineral resources found within the earth, none is comparable to gold. Despite being rare to find at times, gold is ranked as a treasured commodity in the world market. Looking back at the history of the world, gold was mostly used in the production of jewelry and ornaments for several years. It’s now believed that about seventy-eight percent of the world’s gold is used in the jewelry industry. However, it’s considered that the most vital use of gold is in the industrial world in the manufacture of electronics. The main reason for this is that gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Furthermore, gold doesn’t easily rust and is also used in computers for accurate transfer of information. Due to its efficiency, gold is used as a component during the manufacture of computers.


In the industry of glass and ceramics, the use of feldspar is almost inevitable if you want to acquire efficiency. In order to make the glass more viscous, feldspar is applied due to its rock base that helps to bring down the melting point of a glass made of quartz. Basically, the mineral is being used as a fluxing agent and as an insulator of some kind.


Being a mineral with a varied range of uses, lithium has been famously known for its application in dry cells. Besides this, lithium is also used in other mining industries and aluminum mining in particular. Biologically, it’s known that the human body requires all the essential minerals and vitamins for the optimum body health. This is why lithium is heavily used in the production and synthesis of vitamin A. Another importance of the mineral is that it’s used to reduce friction through the making of greases and lubricants.

Iron Ore

Despite the reputation and importance of steel in the world mining industry, its existence would be null and void if it wasn’t for the availability of iron ore. This mineral has played a part in reshaping the American infrastructure, making it appear as it is today. Moreover, because of its radioactivity, it’s also used in the making of some medicines. Other uses of iron ore include making of plastics, cosmetics, ink, and paint.

Mining is quite a tedious process that requires the right machinery and personnel in order to be successful in obtaining the final product. With the right technology, mining is now faster, more efficient, and profitable as compared to the past days where work was manually done at all mining stages. All in all, minerals have helped the human civilization to build a better and more advanced future.