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The Value of Financial Literacy with Black Wealth Renaissance

Ruston, Louisiana, July 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Four like-minded friends and entrepreneurs combined their insatiable interest in finance literacy to create a resource that not only gives back, but educates, empowers, and teaches. Black Wealth Renaissance is the outcome, and we all benefit.

Founders David Bellard, Jared Spiller, Jalen Clark, & Kelly Rhodes noted the lack of basic finance information provided to those who need it most—young adults starting out in the world. Simple topics like investments and assets, along with interest and debt were overlooked in school.

 In the real world it wasn’t calculus and complex equations that newly graduated students faced, but how not to end up in debt. Why were these important courses not taught?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to teach people how to grow wealth and avoid spiraling into financial ruin, then say, geometric proofs? How do you handle financial responsibility, when you’ve only been taught the basics of word problems about trains that travel 100 mph and arrive at 2pm?

Founders Kelly, Jared, Jalen, and David knew that by properly educating themselves on financial literacy they could change their path. And with knowledge comes power, which is why they’ve been on a mission to share this information to those who need it as well. Another important aspect of their journey is in helping lift the black community to show them positive wealth options, and to streamline their knowledge and resources to help others grow and learn.

Direct the Narrative, and Be the Voice of Change

They felt that the media bias focused on negative aspects of the black community, and they wanted to broadcast something different—something better. They want to impact the community so that as each person learns more, they can then in turn reach out and help those around them.

With a top-rated podcast, they’re sharing African American Entrepreneur success stories, and echoing their message loud and clear—and people are paying attention. In fact, their popular podcast is a top listed business podcast on the iTunes chart, and has remained that way for quite some time.

Their specialty is in making the information accessible. Simplifying complex ideology makes it easier to understand, which in turn means the information spreads and people can use actionable tips and advice to improve their well-being.

Financial literacy changes lives. Having access to solid, smart education is pivotal to growth. They’re guiding the conversation, changing the narrative, and helping people understand integral basics that we need in our daily lives. In turn, they’re creating a difference to those they reach out to.

It’s in the everyday stories of people that aren’t in the spotlight, that’s where you see what’s possible. When you see a celebrity, yes, it’s a nice story, but how many people will live that life? Yet, we can visualize being a real estate investor, banker, or working with the stock market, or simply why it’s important to pay down debt and grow your assets. This is what changes lives, not the sparkly, glamorous pie in the sky moments of the few who have graced celebrity life. Be a celebrity in your own life with financial literacy, and you can walk the path you’ve dreamed of.

Information can be intimidating when it’s presented in a way that is out of reach for many people. Rather, why not take that basic information and help the community understand it? Break it down into smaller pieces, show people the way, rather than hide the pieces of the puzzle behind some illusive story that sounds impressive to the few who understand it?

It’s about being the change, and Black Wealth Renaissance is not only being the change but encouraging others to take the information they learn so each of us can lift our communities and help them thrive.

Take control of the narrative and spread the good. Be the good. For founders Jalen Clark, David Bellard, Kelly Rhodes, and Jared Spiller, Black Wealth Renaissance is more than a business and podcast, but a message of hope and revival. With education and financial literacy, you have the power to make changes in your life.

Your schooling may not have given you the information you needed, but they will. Be sure to tune into their podcast to hear more inspiring stories of success, learn more about finance, and check out their other resources to expand your wisdom.

When it comes to the black community, Black Wealth Renaissance sees growth, endless possibilities, and the need for greater financial education. They’re ready to help. Be sure to spread the word and know that for every person who expands their horizon and learns more about financial literacy they can then turn around and teach it to another. They are not only the voice of change, but a group of dedicated entrepreneurs making information widely accessible.

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