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The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Global Summit Plays Host to Industry Announcements and Conversation

Vancouver, Nov. 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NOVEMBER 1, 2019 (VANCOUVER, BC) – The VR/AR Association announces a recap of the various industry news coming out of Vancouver, BC, as Day 1 of its VR/AR Global Summit wraps and over 1000 attendees, 120 Speakers and 50 Exhibitors await Day 2. The VR/AR Global Summit explores the newest trends in virtual and augmented technology.

“When you realize that VR, AR & mixed reality (XR) is going to be a $600 billion+ in unrealized economic output that will hit the global market by 2030, it makes sense that Augmented Reality could be the key to solving our economic deficit. This technology is changing every facet of our lives, from workplace training, defense, healthcare, and the entertainment sector,” said Nathan Pettyjohn, Founder and President of the VR/AR Association and VR Lead at Lenovo. “The summit is also highlighting that we need to establish a foundation of security and regulation to ensure safety in our space.”

XR Safety Initiative (XRSI), is the first global effort that promotes privacy, security, ethics and develops standards and guidelines for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR), collectively known as XR. XRSI today announced that an Enterprise Level Information Security Framework for the XR domain will be made available in 2020 to mitigate risks to both individual users and the companies. XRSI plans to release this in Q1-Q2 2020 as a live document that takes into account compliance requirements for XR enterprises.

Red 6 announced today the world’s first ever AR system for in-flight military training applications. The prototype, created for the US Air Force, has now successfully executed an outdoor, live, airborne, multiplayer, AR experience. Dan Robinson, CEO of Red 6, and a former Royal Air Force pilot who served as the first ever F-22 Raptor exchange pilot, will be speaking tomorrow but released the good news today.

VIVE showcased its new eye tracking technology that measures eye position and movement. This innovation has dramatically changed the VR experience, making it more realistic than ever before, while providing users with enhanced data and insights.

Other speakers from Day 1 included Viacom’s Diego Medina, Stanford’s Thomas Jon Caruso & Ellen Wang, Magic Leap’s Cathy Hackl, Microsoft’s Alex Godin, Lenovo’s Nathan Pettyjohn, MasterCard’s Travis May, Hasbro’s Sergio Paolantonio, HTC’s Vinay Narayan and Intel Sports’ Dr. Uma Jayaram.

About the VR/AR Global Summit

The VR/AR Global Summit will bring together industry frontrunners from around the world to discuss the present and future of immersive technologies. This world-class summit will welcome 1000+ Executives, 120+ Speakers and 50+ Exhibitors from leading companies like Lenovo, Niantic, Microsoft, Viacom, and so many more. 


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