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The Ways AI is Improving Your Office’s Output

AI (artificial intelligence) might be a bit of a buzz word at the moment, but it really does bring big benefits for modern businesses. By helping with labor-intensive, manual processes, it frees your workforce up to get on with other jobs, making your business much more agile.

Introducing the right AI technology to your office can make a big difference in lots of areas, and these are some of the most common.


Good recruitment is an important ingredient for any successful business. However, sifting through thousands of CV’s manually isn’t the most efficient use of time for your employees.

Luckily, AI can take a lot of the busy work out of recruitment by scanning CV’s and identifying the most promising prospects for you. This allows your recruitment team to focus in more detail on the human aspects of recruitment, which allows you to find the employees that are the perfect fit for your business.


Every business needs to have meetings, but there are a lot of aspects to them that aren’t very efficient. The constant back and forth between multiple stakeholders to actually come up with a convenient meeting time, and of course, transcribing all the notes; they’re not great uses of your time.

AI has the answer to many of these problems, though, and AI software such as Verbit AI can make a big difference to your efficiency. These services free your staff up to take care of the aspects that need a human touch while technology takes care of the rest.


If only you had a way of answering commonly asked questions and screening leads to make sure your salespeople are spending time on the most promising contacts.

Well, that’s what AI allows you to do. Chatbots have become very effective at engaging with customers and potential leads, answering simple questions, and collecting information so your salespeople can do their jobs more efficiently.

AI technology such as chatbots are convenient for end-users and help make your business more efficient.


Your employees use lots of different pieces of software every day, but are they using them as effectively as they could be?

It would be great if you could track how your employees are engaging with software and recommend better ways of using it based on that data. This is another area where AI is having a big impact, helping businesses to train their employees and make sure they’re working as efficiently as possible.


One of the most obvious areas AI can make a difference in the office is with analytics.

Modern businesses collect so much data, but that data is only useful if you can turn it into actionable insights. Trawling through huge amounts of data manually isn’t efficient, but AI gives businesses the ability to get instant insights without having to expend as much manpower.

AI can play a part in every area of your business when it comes to analytics and gives your company so many more capabilities.