Theresa May Flies to Ottawa in Face of Warning About Exports Jeopardy


The meeting between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Theresa May is going to happen on schedule despite the many warnings that the latter has been receiving about the jeopardy that exports will be in, post- Brexit. The British Prime Minister will be meeting Trudeau in Ottawa.

Open Britain talks about expected boost to British exports

Open Britain is an organization that is supporting a soft Brexit and they have highlighted how the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement will give a fillip to Britain's exports to Canada. This CET agreement, which is in the eye of a storm, will be implemented soon. However, the CETA will no longer be applicable to the UK after the Brexit since the country will no longer be part of the bloc after mid-2019. The CETA came into being after seven long years of meticulous negotiations and the fact that it will no longer apply is a big one to consider. If this indeed happens, it will become necessary for Britain and Canada to come up with a new deal to replace the CETA. The significance of CETA is clear from the estimates given by the UK government way back in 2013 that it would boost exports to Canada by nearly 30%.

Soft Brexit supporters hope for similar plan

Those in favor of a soft Brexit that will have the least economic impact wish that a plan that is very similar to the CETA can be agreed upon between Britain and Canada. However, according to critics of the British Prime Minister, this is sure to be an uphill task. This is particularly because Theresa May has made it clear that she does not support a soft- Brexit. With her extreme stance on Brexit and the limitations that it will impose on the access that Britain will continue to have to EU markets, it is unreasonable to expect that the current CETA can be mimicked post-Brexit. Critics have already stated that May will have to choose between her decision to move away from the single market Union if she wants to retain her current exports advantage with Canada.

Under CETA, Canada agreed to get rid of 98% import duties, giving Britain a massive advantage. May hopes to base a new deal between the two countries on the current CETA. She issued a statement about how Canada and Britain have 'shared values' ahead of her visit to Ottawa to open negotiations.

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