Theresa May Wants Free Trade To Continue Despite Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May said Friday that she would like free trade with the European Union to remain, despite the split. The EU summit in Brussels further positions the UK and the EU in a position towards heated negotiations regarding the conditions of Brexit.  

“We still want to trade freely in goods and services in Europe, and the U.K. will continue to face similar challenges to our European neighbors… I want a mature, cooperative relationship with our European partners.” Theresa May said.

Chancellor Merkel of Germany weighed in on the future negotiations, claiming that reaching a deal that will satisfy both the UK and EU is going to be a difficult mission. “… the negotiations should be undertaken for the good not only of Britain, but also not to the disadvantage of the European Union, so that our interests are also recognized. In practice, that will be a difficult path.” She explained.

Leaders from Europe’s center-right alliance, the European People’s Party, had complained about U.K’s intentions, saying that the U.K. is trying divide EU states at their own private talks before the summit. Needless to say, such rhetoric is not going to help the problem.


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