Think Whole Person Healthcare Saved Patients an Average of $1,300 on Medical Expenses in 2017

In 2017, Think Whole Person Healthcare’s care coordination efforts
resulted in an average savings of more than $1,300 per patient,
according to recent Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska data about
the nearly 8,000 Blue Cross and Blue Shield members attributed to a
Think primary care physician.

The Think clinic, which opened in July 2015 and serves over 45,000
patients, has seen savings nearly double in its second full year of
operation from the previous year. Total savings per patient rose to
$1,312, from $745 in 2016, according to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield
of Nebraska data.

The savings show that Think – designed specifically to disrupt the
health care system by placing independent primary care physicians at the
heart of patient care – is having a major effect on patient outcomes and

“Patients are spending less time in the hospital and the ER because they
are spending more time with their Think primary care physician and the
doctor’s team,” said Think Chief Executive Officer Rick Pane.

“On average, our patients saved $1,300 on their health care last year
alone, tied in large part to fewer ER events and hospital admissions,”
Pane said. “Over the same 12 months, they spent $196 more on primary
care visits—clear evidence that intensifying primary care visits leads
to better outcomes. That means patients are staying healthy, suffering
less and enjoying a higher quality of life.”

Think’s unique model places the patient and their primary care provider
at the heart of patient care, and supports them with a robust team
including triage nurses, clinical pharmacists, care coordinators and
clinical staff. All work from the same electronic health record and
proactively engage with patients to ensure continuity of care.

According to Think Chief Medical Officer Joe Miller, the clinic’s
pharmacy plays a key role in the delivery of cost effective care. “Not
only do our pharmacists manage medications for effectiveness, they also
review on cost, all with a view to encouraging patient compliance,”
Miller said. “Blue Cross and Blue Shield patients saved an average of
more than $15 per month on medications.”

The core team at Think is augmented by physical therapists, diabetic
educators, nutritionists, dieticians, podiatrists, optometrists,
behavioral/mental health therapists, dentists and more in one building
working together to keep patients healthy.

“Having an entire team look after the patient is the key to true
patient-centered care,” Miller said. “These cost savings are directly
linked to high quality care. Think is the number one quality ACO in
Nebraska across BCBS, Medicare and United Healthcare. Higher quality
equals better outcomes, which in turn lowers costs as people stay

The technological advancements of electronic health records allow all
team members to have access to patient records, ensuring coordinated

Think health professionals are able to utilize onsite X-ray, CT scan,
ultrasound, mammography and Dexa scans. The Think laboratory performs
93% of lab tests in the facility, with an average turn-around time of 28
minutes, meaning patients and doctors have the results during their

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