Thrasys, Inc., a Subsidiary of UpHealth Holdings, Inc., Accelerates Technology Innovation with New Release of SyntraNet Integrated Care | Financial Buzz

Thrasys, Inc., a Subsidiary of UpHealth Holdings, Inc., Accelerates Technology Innovation with New Release of SyntraNet Integrated Care

Thrasys, Inc. (“Thrasys”), a subsidiary of UpHealth Holdings, Inc., today announced the release of Version 4.0 of SyntraNet Integrated Care, the company’s advanced technology platform to share information, coordinate care, and manage health for individuals with complex medical, behavioral health, and social conditions.

The new version of SyntraNet will go-live at L.A. Care Health Plan, the nation’s largest public health plan delivering services and managing health for over 2.4 million individuals in Los Angeles County with multiple lines of business. L.A. Care Health Plan has successfully completed acceptance testing of the new version of SyntraNet for a rollout of a first phase of functionality.

“Our goal with SyntraNet is to deliver the reference technology platform the market needs to manage health with integrated care,” said Ramesh Balakrishnan, CEO of Thrasys. “SyntraNet allows care teams to address the whole person needs of individuals, with a comprehensive view of information across the continuum of care, advanced analytics, and applications to coordinate workflows across medical care, behavioral health services, housing programs, and other social services critically important to managing health” he continued. “With the additional innovations we’ve included in SyntraNet, we expect to deliver the most advanced platform on the market for health plans preparing for California’s Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM) and similar initiatives to transform how we deliver care, manage health, and engage patients and families.”

The new iteration of SyntraNet enhances many elements of Thrasys’ innovative architecture for connected care communities. “We’ve dramatically expanded our domain model to organize a wide range of information into a coherent health record for individuals,” said Mark Knapp, Vice President of Engineering at Thrasys. “We provide a community-wide health record that includes information from health plans, hospitals, clinics, physician groups, behavioral health programs, emergency transportation, public health departments, housing and social services – all of the systems that in one way or another record an encounter with an individual.”

The company has enhanced its ability to use rich information about patients to provide advanced analytics to better understand health risks for individuals and populations, predict the likelihood of adverse events, identify and recommend patients for specific health programs, and generate comprehensive and shared care plans based on embedded guidelines and intelligence.

“Effective team collaboration is critical to coordinate distributed care teams,” said Mark Knapp. “We’ve enhanced the platform’s ability to support collaboration through multiple modalities—one to one and group messaging, text, video, and also the ability for organizations to publish and notify organizations and patients about information relevant to the community, an obvious example today being the availability of vaccines.”

“We believe that SyntraNet represents a very different design point for integrated care management,” said Ramesh Balakrishnan. “Our mission is to continue to innovate faster than our competitors, and with our recent merger with UpHealth we have substantially greater resources to accelerate innovation. Moreover, our whole purpose, the mission that drives us to innovate technologies for integrated care, is to help individuals and populations facing very difficult challenges with health, populations that are especially at risk today. Better health management of health for these individuals and populations will also substantially help us improve outcomes, quality, costs, and patient experience of the entire system.”

About Thrasys:

Thrasys provides a comprehensive technology platform to manage health for individuals and populations with complex medical, behavioral health, and social needs. Thrasys’ customers are health systems, health plans, physician groups, pharmacy benefits managers, county and community organizations launching integrated care programs to coordinate services, improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Thrasys, Inc., is the Integrated Care Division of UpHealth Holdings, Inc..

About UpHealth Holdings, Inc:

UpHealth is a global comprehensive digital health technology and tech-enabled services platform (the “Platform”) that empowers providers, health systems and payors globally to manage care for people with complex medical, behavioral and social needs, while dramatically improving access to primary care. For more information, visit


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