Tilting Point Commits to Deploy up to $132M in User Acquisition Annually, Builds on Recent Success with Initial Fund

Tilting Point is doubling down on its User Acquisition (UA) Fund with a
new commitment to invest $132M annually in order to help developers
scale great games to success. By funding and managing user acquisition
and leveraging its deep game publishing expertise, Tilting Point has
already proven its ability to dramatically scale games.

Tilting Point’s strategy is designed to solve fundamental challenges in
the free-to-play mobile game marketplace, which include (1) the
difficulty in breaking through in a hit-driven ecosystem, (2) the lack
of funding, expertise and technological sophistication for effective
user acquisition, and (3) the depth and complexity of live operations
needed for mobile games that have the potential to scale.

“We are uniquely positioned to address the pain points developers face
in breaking through the clutter, efficiently acquiring players, and
increasing their life time value,” said Kevin Segalla, CEO, Tilting
Point. “Our interests are truly aligned with the developer since we put
our own dollars at risk to fund the marketing campaign. We aren’t
providing loans nor taking equity and there is no ongoing revenue share.”

The company’s endeavor with its initial $12M UA fund, announced in 2016,
yielded multiple successes for live games and resulted in significant
increases in revenue:

These outcomes are the result of Tilting Point’s unique combination of
an industry-leading technology platform and a deep bench of talent with
extensive experience in mobile free to play game development and
publishing. Tilting Point’s proprietary technology utilizes machine
learning and AI for smarter, more optimized user acquisition which
improves performance by 40-50%.

“Mobile game success is highly dependent on great live-operations, deep
data analytics and powerful user acquisition,” Tilting Point president
Samir El Agili added. “We are continuously evolving our machine learning
technology to stay at the cutting edge, and we have the right talent DNA
to be the best partner for live game management. We are not merely
focused on reducing CPI. By helping developers to grow LTV as well, we
are able to scale a game much more effectively.”

For further information about Tilting Point, visit tiltingpoint.com.
Developers interested in exploring a partnership or setting up a meeting
at Gamescom in August can email hello@tiltingpoint.com.

About Tilting Point

Tilting Point is a new-generation games partner that provides top
development studios with expert resources, services, and operational
support to optimize high quality live games for success. Through its
user acquisition fund and its world-class technology platform, Tilting
Point funds and runs performance marketing management and live games
operations to help developers achieve profitable scale. www.tiltingpoint.com

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