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Tinder Challenged By Loveflutter in Dating App Space

Romance, Begining, Dating, Online, Tinder, Grindr, LoveflutterLoveflutter, a new dating app, has an interface which takes into account both personality and looks of its users. This differentiates it from other dating apps like Grindr and Tinder in which users assess photographs to meet their potential partner.

Founders and beginnings

The new dating app was co-founded by Daigo Smith and David Standen – both Londoners – and the site advertises itself as the alternative for people who think. It got off the conceptual stage as a dating site in desktop computers and was launched in the Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) app store in the first week of June.

Both founders are in their thirties and were friends before they became business partners. The name Loveflutter signifies the thrill when a person falls crazily in love with another.

User experience

When the app is scrolled through, the most noticeable aspect of the experience is that the users first see eccentric factoids about other users. Pictures of probable suitors are not presented at the beginning. In a bow to Twitter (NYSE: TWTR), every snipped is a maximum of 140 characters. These could be anything, according to the founders.

For people who prefer to see photos, there is a blurry profile photograph buried underneath a factoid. This will come to focus only when it is tapped. According to Standen, he understands that looks are an important part of the process and Loveflutter’s aim is to stuck the correct balance between the photograph and the intellect. Users then have to choose “Pass” or “Like” by swiping the information in front of them. Similar to other dating apps like Tinder, members can only communicate when their assent is mutual.

Loveflutter, unlike other dating apps, does not end its services at this juncture. It wants to be useful throughout the complete courtship process. To do this, it has a “Suggest-A-Date” feature which propose meeting points after making a selection of local centric data from the Foursquare app.

Smith and Standen hope that, with the continual perfection of algorithms, Loveflutter app will be the choice of couples who will continue communicating and planning dates.

Since the company is at a nascent stage, and the app comes free, the founders are concentrating more on creating as well as multiplying a user base and not profits. The company, which presently has seven employees, is also searching for funds that may improve the matchmaking tools of the app and assist it to grow into multiple platforms like Android.