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Tokenization under the EU Regulations with Smartlands Will Define the Future of Investment Banking

The volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market is the largest threat
that keeps a majority of investors away from the industry, and many
businesses from wide adoption of blockchain. The Smartlands Platform
solves this challenge by creating the necessary legal framework to
enforce assets tokenization in full compliance with the law.

Smartlands is going to employ a crowdfunding platform license to create
a solid foundation for the future of assets tokenization within the
platform. In order to be fully compliant with the law, the company plans
further expansion by launching a new office in Vilnius.

Asset-backed tokens issued on Smartlands, under crowdfunding platform
license, will be sold as securities. The tokens will combine the
advantages of blockchain technology and classical investment
instruments. They will be in compliance with the legislation of the
European Union, provide greater protection for investors, and will be a
secure tool to attract investments for companies, whilst providing
flexibility to a crowdfunding framework.

How Smartlands Can Ensure Stability for the Cryptocurrency-Based

We have carefully chosen Lithuania, because it is one of the few
countries with very clear and concise legislation governing
crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies, and related institutions. The
development of the cryptocurrency market in the country is welcomed by
the authorities, while Lithuania is part of the EU so tokens issued in
compliance with its legislation gains the full access to the EU, EEA,
and other markets.

Next Steps in the Smartlands Platform Expansion

Following this expansion, we have our eyes set on the United Kingdom.
The UK is a primary location in our growth roadmap, and we plan to
acquire a similar license there, as we are doing in Lithuania.

The UK is a hotbed of FinTech developments, large potential investors,
and international investment opportunities. Many of the UK-based real
estate assets are potential targets for tokenization, so further
expanding into the UK opens up to more opportunities for efficient
investments, capital growth and asset synergy to Smartlands.

About Smartlands

Smartlands is a worldwide Platform for tokenization of real economy.
Smartlands is built on the Stellar network and employs advanced
blockchain technology with fast, secure transactions and extended

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