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Tom Brady and The New England Patriots Win Again

The impossible has happened for the New England Patriots fans all over the world. Moments ago a federal judge in New York has decided to dismiss the “Deflategate” suspension of Tom Brady. There was a seven month stalemate between the players union and the NFL over Tom Brady’s four game suspension.

Richard Berman which was the District judge on the case, who did not agree with Roger Goodell’s decision to keep the four game suspension on the New England quarterback. Last month Commissioner Goodell decided to suspend Brady over his alleged role in a scheme to deflate footballs used during a January playoff victory.

Berman believed that Goodell’s punishment was uncalled for because the commissioner failed to notify Brady beforehand that his alleged conduct could be punished by suspension.

“The court finds that Brady had no notice that he could receive a four-game suspension for general awareness of ball deflation by others or participation in any scheme to deflate footballs,” Berman wrote.

Though the news of Brady getting off the hook is going viral the NFL can choose to appeal Berman’s decision but the appeal process will take several months to resolve. Neither the players union nor the NFL have released a statement about today’s news.