Tour of Alabama Army Facilities Scheduled for Pence

The Vice President will be campaigning for Senator Luther Strange this week, but before that, he is scheduled to visit Alabama to take a tour of the army facilities there, as well as the NASA. The agenda at NASA is for Pence to get an update about the Space Launch System which is touted to be the most powerful rocket in the world. Apart from this, Pence will be getting to know about the deep space missions that the International Space Station hopes to kick start soon.

Updates on army initiatives scheduled

Vice President Pence will also be getting updates on various initiatives that the army has undertaken while visiting the Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering center in Alabama. He will also be reviewing the latest missile defense projects that are being readied here. Given the current scenario of military tension that has been brought about by North Korea, this assumes significance.

Campaign in Birmingham

Later, the Vice President will be in Birmingham where he is expected to attend and speak at a  rally for Luther Strange. Strange is contending against Chief Justice Roy Moore in the primary run-off for the Senate. On the other hand, Steve Bannon is already campaigning for Roy Moore. Moore and Strange will be fighting it out for the Senate seat that has been vacated by Jeff Sessions. In a peculiar turn of events, President Trump has taken opposing sides to his former employee Bannon and given his green signal for Luther Strange too.

Moore is a former state Supreme court chief justice and Strange has clearly stated that he will remain by the President's side no matter what. In fact, the President's support is the biggest weapon in Strange's political arsenal, as of now. Strange's anti-LGBT stance and his religious bent which prompted him to talk about giving Christianity a leg up in Alabama may divide the public sharply for or against him. Meanwhile, Trump has hinted that his endorsement of Strange has pushed the latter's poll results quite substantially. However, the President has also gone on record saying that he might support Moore if he wins. The conflicting statements have made Moore's supporters happy, but as expected, it may have just made Strange's campaign lose some of its sheen.

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