Trudeau Prepared To Freeze Saudi Arms Deal

As calls mount for Canada to cancel its sale of light armoured vehicles (LAVs) to Saudi Arabia, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canada has frozen permits on arms exports in the past — and is not afraid to do so again.

Canada is prepared to freeze a big arms deal with Saudi Arabia if it concludes the weapons have been misused, Trudeau said on Monday. Trudeau made the comments during question period in the House of Commons when asked by the NDP why, in light of Saudi Arabia’s ongoing war in Yemen and its role in the death of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Canada was continuing to sanction the sale.

Trudeau’s statement signaled Ottawa might halt a 2014 contract that the Canadian unit of U.S. weapons maker General Dynamics Corp won to supply light-armored vehicles. The deal is worth up to CAD 13 Billion.

“We strongly demand and expect that Canadian exports are used in a way that fully respects human rights,” Trudeau said in Parliament. “We have frozen export permits before when we had concerns about their potential misuse and we will not hesitate to do so again.”

  1. Roy Dyment 12 months ago

    We buy a lot of oil from Saudi Arabia. Too bad there wasn’t some way to ship our oil from Alberta to eastern Canada. Maybe a pipeline. #Trudeau #TrudeauMustGo

  2. Jeffrey Pots 12 months ago

    If the Liberals cancel the arms deal with #Saudi, they win the federal election hands down. Principle will have been chosen over greed, militarism and Canadians will respond favourably. #Trudeau #cdnpoli

    • Tony Moore 12 months ago

      Trudeau told Canadians that the previous government’s deal with Saudis is hard to get out from so they can’t cancel it. Hence, Pakistanis should not use it to justify Imran Khan’s desperation. Imran had a choice but Trudeau doesn’t

      • Walt Newman 12 months ago

        plot thickens “It would cost Canada $1B to cancel Saudi arms deal in wake of Khashoggi case”

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