Trump accuses Obama of tapping phone, without evidence


President Trump has created waves once again with his increasingly controversial Tweets and this time he is targeting none other than former President Barak Obama. The current White House resident was at his Florida resort when he tweeted that Obama had tapped wires in Trump Tower right before the presidential elections and win. Firing off more than one tweet against the former President, Trump went on to describe him as a bad (or sick) man.

No evidence to back up the claim

However, what is to be noted is that there has been absolutely no sign of any evidence to back up the accusation made by the president against Obama. His allegations remain mere statement in the absence of any clear-cut proof that there were any such wire- tapping instructions issued from the White House while the previous incumbent was still in office.

Former President Obama’s staff have categorically stated that the accusation is 100% false and that no wire- tapping was ever ordered by the then president or carried out by anyone on Trump Tower phones and communications.

Could the Justice Department be responsible?

On the other hand, there have been hints that Trump was indeed wire tapped right before his election to the Oval Office but there has been nothing to suggest that the former President was involved in any such activity. White House sources reiterate President Obama’s strict policy of non- interference with the Justice Department’s activities and this could mean that his office was entirely unaware and uninvolved in any wire- tapping carried out by the department too. However, the accusation have sparked off a call for an investigation and explanation which is being countered by Democrats who are strongly in support of Barak Obama.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse has called the accusation ‘serious’ and said that an explanation of how Mr. Trump came to know about them and what type of wire- tap they were would shed some more light on the issue. However, the allegations have also sparked off a round of heated counters to the President’s tweets with many pointing out that making such accusation on Twitter is highly reckless and not in keeping with the dignity of the President’s office. With Mr. Trump drawing a lot of criticism for not acting in a way that is expected of a leader of the nation, this latest tweet only adds more grist to the mill for his critics to use.

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