Trump Administration is pressured as the Russian Scandal continues

The Trump administration has not exactly seen a smooth ride ever since the President moved into the White House and the Russian scandal is one issue that seems to keep cropping up no matter how much damage control is done. With the president categorically stating that there were no meetings with Russians during poll time and contrasting statements being made from the Russian front, the situation was confusing enough. Now, it seems that Trump’s administration has dug itself in deeper. The President’s attorney general has now said that he did meet with the Russian ambassador last year.

No discussion of election or campaign, says attorney general

While attorney general Jeff Sessions did admit that he met with the Russian ambassador not one but twice when Donald Trump’s campaign for the president’s post was underway, he says that the campaign was never a topic of discussion between them. Mr. Sessions, who was a senator back at that time, denied having contacted the Russian ambassador at earlier interactions so this stamen does come as a volte face. The turn- around has prompted Nancy Pelosi, Democratic House Minority leader to accuse Sessions of lying under oath. Sessions has been under pressure to step away from his involvement in the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the elections and results.

Meetings as part of norm

The White House has been quick to point out that the Attorney General meets with several foreign ambassadors as part of the norm and Mr. Sessions actually had meetings with over 25 ambassadors from various countries over the period of that year. Among these meetings were office visits and meetings where many ambassadors were present.

The fact that Mr. Sessions categorically stated that he was ‘unaware’ of anybody from Trump’s campaigning team interacting with the Russians is turning out to be very far from the truth now. He also went on to say that he had never met with any Russian officials to talk about the campaign or any of the related issues.

Readers will remember that Mr. Trump’s team has witnessed a similar situation just a while back when National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was in the eye of the storm about interaction with the Russian ambassador. Mr. Flynn was later fired from the post based on his misleading reports about his connections with the Russians.

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