Trump Again Makes Claim About ‘Highest Taxed Nation’

This is not the first time he has said this and it may not be the last, but the fact remains that the statement of President Trump that the U.S. is the highest taxed nation in the world is false. The President tweeted the statement while talking about his visit to North Dakota to talk about tax reforms. He is heading there to speak about the tax code reforms that he has been desirous of bringing about since his campaign days.

Media storm about false claim begins

Immediately following his tweet, not one but many media channels picked up the tweet and highlighted how the highest taxed nation claim was false. Many pointed to data published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which ranks the country somewhere in the middle of 34 states in terms of taxation rates. Many others pointed out that U.S. has the lowest tax revenues in terms of GDP percentage when compared with the other countries in the list. Several major economies have tax rates that are far higher than what is prevailing in the U.S. and that includes nations like the UK, Germany, Italy, and France.

Pew Research gives the lie about Trump's highest tax claim

Pew Research Centre is yet another research organization that has already proved that President Trump's claim about the U.S. being the highest taxed nation is blatantly false. Sometime in April last year, the organization carried out a review of OECD data from the year 2001. The conclusion of the review was that in the U.S., tax bills are well below than what is the average recorded for developed nations. The claim has also been refuted by PolitiFact which said this about the claim after Trump stated this during a Republican primary debate. This is a fact checking website that works to verify such claims. The site reiterated its statement after Trump's latest statement with the headline indicating that the president has made this false claim in public for the third time this time around.

According to the Committee for Responsible Federal Budget, the U.S. is 'not close to being the highest taxed' nation, although they did mention that the corporate income tax is high in the country. While it is not quite easy to determine which nation actually deserves this 'accolade', there is no doubt that the entirely false claim by the President is rather misleading and entirely avoidable.

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