Trump all for term limits as Congressional Republicans express discomfort

In his interview with a media house, President Elect Donald J.Trump expressed his approval-and his intention- of setting term limits in the House. Congressional Republicans of his own political leanings are not too thrilled by such a possibility.

Profit restriction

Congressional members love to discuss the return of power to their constituents, but balk at the possibility of restricting their own employment opportunities or tenure. The set up of term limits is seen to be a major dent in making money.

According to Trump, the intention behind such an effort is to clean up the system. He is also in favor of tougher restrictions on the action of lawmakers and their influential aides to hold the role of lobbyists in the immensely profitable universe of influence peddling that occurs in Capitol Hill. Trump’s decision has not gone down kindly, with him clearly on a collision course with his colleagues.

Trump is not new in calling for term limits. This initiative has long been a dormant one in the corridors of power in Washington. Republicans first mentioned it in 1994- they won the presidency at that time. However, it did not make any new headway from there. The President Elect, surprisingly has an ally in this regard, President Barack Obama. The Democrat President has endorsed the concept. He said that he wants to see the emergence of new ideas and new voices. Obama said that he found term limits to be extremely useful.

Voters and Republicans

It is not to say that term limits are despised by all. Supporters of such a time bound political strategy say that Trump’s support to such a position will give a fillip to the constitutional amendment that restricts members of the house to a maximum of three two year terms. Senators can do a maximum of two six year duration terms.

Among voters, term limits are always popular. It was particularly popular in the 1990s, when a number of states adopted them for legislatures via ballot initiatives and few other means. Republican leaders like Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and the majority leader clearly said during the second week of November that term limits are unlikely to gain favor among the Senate members. He reminded his audience that term limits even exist in the present time-and they are called elections. He made it clear that term limits will not be listed as a senate agenda.

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