Trump all set to Construct Border Wall


An official from the White House has confirmed that President Donald J. Trump will take the necessary executive action to direct federal resources for constructing a border wall between the United States and Mexico. This move is part of multiple immigration actions which will also include actions linked to visas and refugees. The US President will make an announcement during his visit to Department of Homeland Security.

Election promises

President Trump, during his presidential election days, had adopted a clear hardline policy on the subject of immigration. He had proposed to construct a “great wall” along the border straddling US and Mexico. He also promised to implement a near shutdown of Muslims who wish to enter the United States. This policy will be continued until the Trump administration can properly check the people coming in.

However, with the passage of time, Trump’s immigration stance started to soften and change. His theoretical ban on Muslims being banned from entering the United States was scaled down. Even though the now President had promised to deport all illegal aliens from the US, his press secretary, Sean Spicer, told the press that President Trump has not made his priority to repeal the immigration executive actions taken by former President Obama. Spicer said that the president will concentrate only on those who have a criminal record.

Executive orders

Trump is expected to issue about two executive orders on January 25 during his Homeland Security visit. The first order will order the agency start border wall construction. It will also include a number of steps to repair the existing fencing along the Mexico-United States border. The first order will be inclusive of a mandate to bolster staff numbers at Customs and Border Protection. It is estimated that about 5,000 personnel will be inducted. It is being done to decrease the work load caused due to managing the huge number of migrants from Central America.

The second order involves the elimination of what is colloquially known as “sanctuary cities”. The municipal governments of such metropolises have refused to transfer undocumented immigrants to the federal authorities. This order will augment the resources available for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department. It will also order federal administration to identify the criminal aliens already present in the United States. According to officials, the action promised by Trump on refugees and visas will be enforced later in the fourth week of January.

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