Trump allege US elections rigged

Donald J. Trump, the Republican Party nominee for the US Presidency, made the sensational claim on October 16 that the presidential election was going to be rigged so that he could never be president. Observers interpreted the statement as a Trump strategy for the event if he loses the election. Many have condemned this attitude as a dangerous one. This doctrine by the real estate billionaire questions the American political process at its entirety.

Figment of imagination

The Republican candidate, via a number of tweets, said that the American media were hell bent on rigging the 2016 election. He said that the industry was concentrating on fictional accounts of him doing unwelcome sexual advances towards women.

The Democrats swiftly grasped the opportunity.  Trump, according to them, was swinging at figment of his imagination as he knows that he will lose.

Trump is not along in making such outrageous allegations. The former Mayor of New York, and at present one of Trump’s closest advisors, Rudy Guiliani, alleged that districts seemingly sympathetic to the Democratic cause have been known to count votes given by dead people. He further said that dead people are generally found to vote for Democrats and not Republicans.

Trump’s running mate, and vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, was the sane voice. He has tried to salvage the situation by saying that the Republican Party would respect voters’ will. He said that although elections can be quite rough, the United States has a tradition of peaceful power transfer.

Democrats in trouble

When it comes to the Democrats, all things are not hunky dory. Transcripts disclosed by WikiLeaks on October 15 shows that Hillary Clinton did not directly criticize Wall Street when the Democratic Party candidate analyzed the cause and then response to financial meltdown. Clinton gave a few speeches -for which money was paid to her- to Goldman Sachs. The WikiLeaks transcripts released as part of hack of emails of the campaign chairman did not enclose any shocking news of being too much influenced by a number of contributors from banking industry.

The WikiLeaks transcripts disclosed as part of hack of the emails of the campaign chairman did not disclose any new facts. It did not prove that Clinton was bought by the banking industry. Liberals, however, will be reminded of her soft approach when it comes to party members when the presidential nominee from the Democratic Party will be too cozy to Wall Street so that it can effectively check the excesses. 

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