Trump alludes lethal action against Clinton

Donald Trump, the Republican Party presidential nominee on August 9 appeared to invoke the possibility of gun rights supporters taking matter into their hands in the event of Clinton being elected president. He said that there is a possibility that Hillary Clinton would appoint judges who may favor tougher gun control measures. The Republican nominee has also publicly contended that Clinton prefers to abolish the fundamental right to carry weapons and repeatedly warned the Wilmington, N.C audience that it would be a terrible day if she got elected and had the power to appoint her tiebreaking justice of the Supreme Court.

The problem with what Trump said began when he said that American citizens would be helpless if Clinton chooses to select her judges and when the crowd made their displeasure of Clinton known, added that he does not know what the action of Second Amendment people will be.

The remark by Trump swiftly attracted large condemnation from a wide range of people- starting from people who advocate gun control, Democrats and others. They accused the billionare of suggesting an act of violence against the Democratic candidate or the liberal jurists.

Senator Tim Kaine, who is from Virginia, and also the running mate of Clinton, expressed disbelief. He said that no person who wants to be a leader, especially the US presidency, should do anything that promotes violence and accused Trump of this task. He further added to say that the remark portrayed a window into Trump’s soul, an individual unfit for the presidency.

Dan Gross, President of Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Brady Campaigh, said that the statement made by Trump was repulsive and said that the latter was piggybacking on the Second Amendment to exhort people to kill a person with whom they tend not to agree with. He said that violence has become associated with the Trump campaign , and it has become the Republican’s standard punch line and a campaign strategy.

For Republicans, Trump has also become a sore talking point. Paul D. Ryan, the House speaker and who belongs to the Republican Party, told the media hat Trump’s remarks were similar to a “joke gone bad”. He also urged Trump to quickly clear the issue. This uproar of what Trump has said came at a time when public opinion surveys showed that he was losing electoral ground to Clinton.

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