Trump and America’s Global Standing

News related to President Donald J. Trump of the United States travels all over the world. There is hardly any place in the world where the US President does not constitute front page news. Even in the Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka, Trump's shenanigans and the inward-looking policies of the United States have made their mark. America, slowly but surely, is regressing from the world stage. With the United States losing its power, other countries like China are rushing in to fill the vacuum.

Toxic conservative and social media tweets

Trump is zealously undoing what the liberal world has achieved. He has even started a personal war with the United Kingdom, one of America's most trusted allies. The relation was poisoned by the President's proclivity towards social media. The picture of a new short-sighted United States under Trump has predictably cautioned those who wished to be allied with America. These countries are serious rethinking and re-calibrating their foreign policy alignments. It is clear that the US is losing ground on all fronts.

Countries around the world are now also wary of Trump's promotion of false information. The US President's tweet of a particular video which supposedly showed a Muslim attacking a disabled Dutch boy was proven to be false. The tweet was so toxic that the Dutch Embassy was forced to step in.  A statement from the embassy said that truths matter. Trump chose to willfully ignore that the attacker did not follow Islam and he was arrested after the attack.

Less confidence

A survey by Pew Research among sections of the population of 37 countries revealed that only 22 percent of the respondents have faith in Trump. In contrast, Obama enjoyed a trust of 67 percent when he was the President of the world's most powerful nation. About 74 percent gave a thumbs-down to President Trump. The allure of the United States has also dropped from the previous 64 percent to 49 percent from the time Trump was elected to the presidency. Trump's nationalism requires an enemy, and he is seizing on any opportunity to create enemies where there are none.

The latest announcement by Trump about recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital will do little to shore up confidence. Almost all of the US allies, from Britain to even the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, warned the US President against such a step. He did it anyway. The consequence, experts agree, will be disastrous not only for the region but also for the world.

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