Trump and Global China

President Donald J. Trump of the United States, whose run for the Presidency was made smoother by his shrill calls against China, has now made a complete U-turn. Gone are his posturings against the Asian dragon who he virtually made America's number one enemy. There was no speech about how the Chinese raped the United States economy. Instead, the audience at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing saw a man flattered by the magnificence and pomp of the sumptuous welcome laid out by the Chinese Communist Party. The U-turn was so pronounced that President Trump said that Beijing is not to be blamed for its huge trade surplus with the United States.

Chinese power

China yearns to be the world's most powerful country. It wants to tweak world rules as per its own terms. The country wants to be a completely developed one within the year 2050. New “Silk Roads” are sought to be constructed with a total outlay of $900 billion. This development will be done exclusively on Chinese terms. One route would extend overland to Turkey and then towards Europe. One would be done by sea via Suez Canal. All these would be made possible by a number of Chinese administered ports. Such actions would unlock about eight trillion dollars of infrastructure spread over a total of 60 countries.

To Trump observers, this change of stance is normal. He is known to admire strong men who would relentlessly push on to get things done. Forget about broken human rights laws. Norm are treaties and basic democracy pushed aside to get what is needed. Trump nearly kowtowed to Xi, the Premier and practically a dictator of China. The former congratulated the latter on his speech and graciousness. President Trump assured Premier Xi that he will forbid any troubling questions thrown at him by the press. These questions would undoubtedly be about human rights abuses in China, as well as pointed queries about his inability to deliver.

Little flattery, huge dividends

Beijing understands that a small amount of flattery would reap rich dividends. This is specifically applicable to a fragile big ego like that of Trump's. The US President acquiesced, saying that the United States will not do anything to thwart China's ambitious plans. It also helped that the United States has discarded the Trade Pacific trade pact.

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