Trump and the 1930s Europe throwback

Donald J. Trump, the President-Elect of the United States of America, believes that Brexit is the best thing to happen to the United Kingdom. He has assured, through the media of course, the British Prime Minister Theresa May that the US will sign an excellent trade deal with the UK. It will be, assured President-Elect Trump, done in record time too.

Back to the fractured past

This view of the world by Trump brings to mind the days of the Second World War when the US and the UK fought together against the Germany led Axis powers and defeated them. Indeed, The Donald has little praise for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He said that he “respected” and “liked” her, and admitted that she is an important leader in Europe. The US President-Elect also did not hesitate to show his fangs. He said that Merkel’s open door policy concerning Syrian refugees can be regarded as “catastrophic mistake”. Trump was amazed at how could Germany surrender border controls and allow “illegals” to stream into the country.

President-Elect Trump took broad-shots at Germany. He termed the country as the master of Europe. He claimed that the Germans are riding the European Union, conveniently forgetting that the country hold a paramount position due to its strategic position and economic clout.

Disregard for EU unity

Trump had high praise for people who voted Brexit. He claimed that there would have been no exit of Britain from the EU if the British people had managed to keep the refugees out. It was done, he claimed, so that Britain could keep own its identity, claiming that other countries will soon leave the EU, thus actually making it defunct. He said that the UK in reality represented the future.

President-Elect Trump is extremely unlike his predecessors, He won’t care if the EU ceases to exist. He also does not care about the continued existence of NATO, easily the best achievement of American diplomacy. The NATO is on the Trump chopping block as well.

Trump has made true on his pre-election tweets. He is all set to make deals with Russia which could put other European countries into a twist. The aim of such a US-Russia alliance is to present a united front against the ISIS. This alliance also aims to stop China in its march in Pacific. Trump is effectively destroying the liberal trading systems constructed by the United States itself. The system which gave rise to International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization and World Bank.

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