Trump and the bad case of US foreign policy

Trump has a troublesome business history which if he becomes President of the United States, could negatively impact US foreign policy. He has the distressing tendency of cancelling promises and deals which could be viewed by him as impediments. His former clients and associates recall that even during his early days in business, TheDonald regarded himself not bounded by any written contracts-even if that contract was signed by himself. 

Trump’s reputation in this regard is important as he, in various speeches, has pledged to be a hard knuckled negotiator. He also publicly said of his intention to untangle the United States away from a number of global accords in the event of gaining the presidency. If this happens, the US would lose much of its credibility in a world where trust and credibility is a vital asset. The stance mirrors the hard as nails negotiator he has played for a number of decades in his profession as a real estate overlord. He is known for out-of-the-way tactics like refusal to pay his company suppliers and defaulting on debts. He is also known for threatening a number of lawsuits to win his desired concessions. However, it must be said that these tactics are at par with the industry. 

In his latest foreign speech on August 15, Trump clearly said that the relationship of US with any other nation would depend on that country’s level of support towards radical Islam.  He told the assembled audience that any country which would support the American view of vanquishing this religious strain would be the friend of the US.  This election having Trump will test whether a well known CEO of a private company would successfully transition into running the country.

Trump presently trails Hillary Clinton, his opponent from the Democratic Party, by approximately eight percentage points if considered head to head, as per the Pollster site run by an Internet news site. For corporates like Bill Daley, ex-president, SBC Communications, the concept of a corporate person like Donald Trump becoming the president of US is a hilarious idea. He elaborates on to say that the strengths required as a president and as a CEO are radically different. Those who did business with Trump are aware of the fact that the real estate billionaire is always aware of how to defraud customers and suppliers and starts doing it from the beginning of any project.

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