Trump Appointees and Back Taxes

A review by the Center for Public Integrity reveals that a number of Trump Administration's political appointees enjoy taxpayer-funded salaries while still owing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) thousands of dollars. President Donald J. Trump's appointment of the federal debtors to the administration continues a pattern which has persisted through multiple presidential administrations. The government under former President Barack Obama also suffered this malaise.

Finding debtors

The tax debts of a number of Trump administration officials were spotted by volunteers of CitizenSleuth and reporters. The former was started in July by the Center for Public Integrity and also Reveal from Center for Investigative Reporting. This investigation is a crowd sourced one. It is examining a number of detailed financial disclosures. The latter is gleaned from 400 top officials of the Trump administration. The President's nominees were also included. About 190 of them earlier admitted to owing money to a person or a financial entity. These range from mortgages to student loans. Credit card debts are included as well.

Marcus Owens of Loeb & Loeb, a law firm, said that it is proven that the US Government under Trump leadership is not much different from previous governments. He stressed that senior executive members must be at least free from such crimes. They must regularly pay their due taxes.

Slack administration

President Trump himself is still to tackle the issue in an effective manner. It is to be noted that a bill mooted to disqualify serious tax evaders from employment in federal institutions continues to rot. The bill was introduced by Representative Jason Chaffetz, a Republican elected from Utah. Natalie Strom, the spokeswoman for the White House, did not answer when asked questions concerning White House policies on the employment of people who had not paid their taxes. It is to be noted that, as of now, it is not clear whether Trump would prefer appointees to settle their tax debts.

The list of Trump appointees owing money to the federal government has Justin Clark on its list. He is a known White House aide close to Trump. He also owes about $50,000 in his back taxes. Others in the list of Trump officials who owe massive amounts of taxes include Joe Alexander and Deborah Cox-Roush. The former works as special assistant to the US Department of Agriculture and the latter a liaison for the White House in Corporation for National and Community Service. Bruce Friedland, the IRS spokesman, did not comment on this issue.

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