Trump assures Xi Jinping of US honoring “One China” policy

US President Donald J. Trump has assured Chinese President Xi Jinping that the US will honor the existing “One China” policy. The US President, through this action, has reversed any earlier shreds of doubt concerning the subject. There was diplomatic chill between the two nations after Trump did his unorthodox telephone call to the Taiwanese President in December after his electoral victory. The US President at that time also warned that the US under his administration may deviate from the standard “One China” policy. The Chinese Premier had not spoken to the US President since November 14, a week after the election results were declared.

One China policy

The White House issued the statement that the US President and the Chinese Premiere have discussed a number of topics. The former, at the request of the latter, consented to honor “One China” policy. The call was described as an “extremely cordial” one. The leaders had sent in their invite to visit their respective countries.

The two leaders reportedly have consented to the urgency and necessity to strengthen the cooperation between the United States and China. They have noted that Beijing prefers to partner with Washington on a broad range of issues. The list of interests include global stability, science, trade and economy, and also communications.

Japan Abe visit

The conversation timing between the American and Chinese leader was significant. President Trump will soon welcome Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. The visit will last three days and the Japanese PM will be pampered by the President, including a visit to a Florida golf course. Trump will discuss a wide range of issues with Abe, including the commitment of United States to its mutual defense treaty that it has earlier signed with Japan. On the run-up to the elections, the then presidential candidate has threatened to cancel the treaty with Japan did not reimburse the US for the latter’s service to defend Japan. Needless to say, China will closely monitor the visit.

That the US highly values China is an understatement. Rex W. Tillerson, the Secretary of State, met White House officials for a discussion concerning American-Chinese relations. The involvement of Tillerson is of special note, as the Secretary of State, during post confirmation hearings, has pledged to honor One China policy. He has earlier roundly rejected the notion of using Taiwan as a kind of bargaining chip when it comes to negotiating with China.

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