Trump Back with a New Travel Ban Order

The fact that President Trump's travel ban idea did not find much support has not kept him from strongly supporting the idea or doing his best to make it a law. Now, the President has come up with a yet another order, a new one, that just about bans travel to the country from seven countries. What is not at all surprising is that the seven countries that are main targets of the ban are the ones that his original ban covered.

Trump cites national security threat as the reason for ban

Giving the reason behind the new order banning travel from these countries, President Trump has said that the threat to national security is the main reason for the ban. He said that citizens of these countries pose risks to the U.S. It is important to note that the new ban that has been presented now is much more comprehensive than Trump's original one. This one imposes a permanent travel restriction whereas the old one only had a 90-day travel suspension. Also, there are some non-Islamic countries that now feature on the list of 'banned' countries. Officials within the White House say that the new ban has been arrived at after a thorough examination of the risks to national security that have been emerging in recent times.  

North Koreans are banned via this new order

Given the recent developments with North Korea and the Mexican stand-off situation that the U.S. and this country are finding themselves in, at the moment, it is hardly surprising that North Korea is part of the list of countries from where travelers will be restricted from entering the U.S. However, Iraqi citizens may only have to go through more stringent security checks to get into the country. Added to the original banned countries list are Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela, however, Sudan is no longer a part of this list.

The President has also issued a statement saying that his new ban will remain in force until the governments of these countries can effectively address the 'inadequacies' that have been identified in them. His earlier bans brought in a flurry of protests and severe criticism at the religion-centric restrictions that he imposed. Several suits were filed asking for a stay on the ban and many states made it clear that they would not support a blanket ban on people from one specific religion. It remains to be seen how this new ban will be received by lawmakers and the public.

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