Trump blasts World Stage

The decisions made by Trump over the last few months have shaken the world diplomatic stage. His future moves will surely do the same. His actions have alarmed his critics and delighted his supporters. There are many who fear a deep negative fallout from the actions of the US President. He is not restricted by conventions which once chained his predecessors.

Words and actions

President Trump moves fast when it comes to publicity. Barely a day after he announced a withdrawal from the Obama era deal with Iran, he announced on Twitter that the US Secretary of State was flying from North Korea. The latter has three Americans-all ex-prisoners of the North Korean regime. All these actions will show the way on how he will interact with the North Korean Juche leader Kim Jong Un.  The US Embassy will open on May 14 in Jerusalem, effectively jettisoning many years of American policy which refuses to recognize the ancient metropolis as the capital city of Israel. Others news are in the offing too. President Xi Jinping's top economic aide is scheduled to visit Washington in the third week of May as Trump relentlessly shocks the global trading world with his actions.

Trump has also gone to full diplomatic mode. The April month witnessed the President engaged in multiple diplomatic pursuits. He hosted the French President Emanuel Macron, and will welcome a number of other global leaders to White House. He is all set to meet the President of South Korea in the last week of May. He will visit Canada for the G7 meeting-his second time- to meet European leaders in the opening days of June. The meeting could be a fractious one, with European leaders humiliated by  US withdrawal from the deal with Iran. A visit to the UK is scheduled in July.

All Yes men

Trump has ejected aides who have earlier cautioned him against a few decisions he ultimately made. Rex Tillerson, former Secretary of State, and H.R. McMaster, former national security adviser both counseled Trump to stay in Iran deal when they were with him. The President first threw them out and then did exactly the opposite of what they wanted him to do. The present time has fewer detractors for the president. James Mattis, the present Defense Secretary, did not forcefully present his case to stay on the Iran deal. Trump also did not pay heed to the advice doled out by Mike Pompeo, who advocated for a phased withdrawal.

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