Trump borrowed from Russia to shore up Real Estate Business


The Russian connection just won't seem to go away for the President and now, yet another dramatic twist has come about in the plot, so to speak. The former head of MI6, Richard Dearlove has made a statement saying that Donald Trump borrowed money from the Russians when his real estate business took a serious hit during the global recession. If this allegation turns out to be true, the political opposition that Trump has, will have some very strong arsenal against the President. After all, the President did claim, before he took office,  that the Russians did NOT have any leverage over him. If he did borrow money, it is clear that his statement was not entirely correct.

Trump was a high risk borrower 

Mr Dearlove also went on to say that Trump had to resort to the Russian source for his loan because other lenders considered him a high risk borrower. Given that Mr. Trump does have a history of bankruptcy, it is quite easy to see why the lenders hesitated to give him a loan. In main, Mr. Dearlove says that the loan was used to keep Trump's real estate business from spiralling down.

Meanwhile, adding strength to Dearlove's statement is Amsterdam & partners lawyer Robert Amsterdam, who has said that there is no doubt that Trump has had relations with the Russians for years now.

No proof to validate the allegation

Of course, it also needs to be noted that Mr Dearlove left his government position in 2004 and also that no proof has been presented for the allegation that Trump borrowed money from Russians sources. Another point to note is that, there is no law preventing business owners from borrowing money from any source, including Russian ones. The situation and the statement are interesting, however, because Trump has categorically denied ever taking loans from Russians via a tweet made right before he stepped into the Oval Office.

All of the discussion about the Russian connection to the current Oval Office incumbent assume great importance in light of the investigations being carried out about the foreign nation's tampering with the U.S. elections process in 2016 and with the more recent one. Any ties between Trump and the Russians that can be proved may put the president and his political supporters in a very awkward position indeed.

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