Trump Calls Flake’s Career ‘Toast’ on Twitter

Twitter was abuzz on Sunday as President Trump knocked down Senator Jeff Flake, Arizona Republican, and claimed that his career in politics was “toast”. Trump’s outburst came after the senator was accidentally caught criticizing the newly elected U.S. President. He also had a couple of harsh words for Roy Moore, the Republican candidate from Alabama.

How Flake’s “off-mic” comments got him into trouble

A town hall was hosted by Flake on Friday at GECO, the aerospace firm in Mesa. At the event, he was responding to various questions related to the tax reform proposed by the Republicans and a potential Presidential run in 2020 against Trump. It was after this question and answer session that the incident occurred.

After the one-hour discussion, the senator stepped down the stage but forgot to get his microphone removed. This microphone continued to feed the television cameras placed in the room. Flake was in a conversation with John Giles, Mesa Mayor, when he said that they would be toast if GOP became Trump and Moore’s party.

On Sunday, Trump retaliated by picking up on Flake’s own words and tweeted that the senator’s political career was anyway, ‘toast’, so his take on the tax reform did not matter.

Flake had spoken to the media last month and announced that he would not give his vote to just any random tax reform, especially if it appeared to be fiscally doubtful.

Collins wants more benefits for low and middle-income groups

Susan Collins, another Republican senator, said that there should be a removal of the mandate on the repeal of Obamacare included by the senators in the proposed bill. Further, she said that the legislation could be suitably modified to support those individuals who earn low and middle-level incomes. She explained that it would benefit people in every tax bracket, however, she is looking to extract greater relief for the low and middle-income families.

Flake had expressed his criticism of Donald Trump as he campaigned for the 2016 elections. The two men got into several clashes over the previous year. Flake has written about the same in a book titled "Conscience of a Conservative”.

In October, the senator announced that he wouldn’t run for the elections in the coming year and delivered an emotional speech that grieved the increasingly rough state of the U.S. politics. He said that the country was potentially in a dangerous space under Trump’s leadership.

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