Trump Calls the 100 Day Benchmark A ‘ridiculous Standard’

Nearing the 100 day mark of his presidency, Donald Trump has called this a 'ridiculous benchmark' to evaluate how well a president has done in office. This comes as a curious turnabout because in his address to the nation, right after he was elected to power, he made several promises that he vowed to fulfill within this 100 day period since assuming office.

The 'game changing plan' relegated to the background

The president has gone so far as to describe his list of promises as the 'game changing plan'. However, given his stance now, which seems to belittle the tradition of looking back at the president's achievements over his first 100 days in office, it does appear as if this 'game changing plan' is no longer a key focal point for the Republican party. There were a total of 28 promises that the president had made at his earlier address and he had also described them as a contract between him and the people of the nation.

A specific action plan

The unusual thing about President Trump's 'game plan' was that it was very specific about what he would achieve in his first 100 days. At the time, many expressed their opinion that the president had given a very explicit and specific outline of what he would do first in his tenure. Typically, an overall idea of action areas is expected but not something as clear cut as what was given then by Trump. Now, it appears that Trump may have actually made a mistake in outlining things with such clarity because it only gives his critics very strong ammunition to bombard him with if he fails to deliver on some or many of the promises he has made.

It also seems highly unlikely that he will actually be able to fulfill everything that he promised considering that the action plan has such a wide coverage. To give you an idea, the presidents had promised constitutional amendments, a brand new healthcare plan, major tax changes, military related regulations and more. He even went further and promised to take clear cut executive action on over 15 of his promises on his very first day as President of America, although he did not fulfill this promise.   

The one move that he has been pushing with all his might is the health care revamp but despite his efforts, nothing concrete has come about yet, on this front.

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