Trump campaign claims Nevada County improperly kept polling locations open Friday

Friday was the last night of early voting, the Trump campaign wanted to preserve voting machines and ballots incase voters wanted to contest them later. The notion was denied by a Nevada judge. Judge Gloria Sturman of Clark County stated that it is against the law to change ballots that were already sent in. This could also open up poll workers’ to harassment.

The lawsuit was filed in state court, Nevada law allows people waiting when the polls close to cast ballots. Reports indicate that Nevada had a strong early voter turnout among Latinos, who favor Hilllary over Trump. Many voting locations “continued processing voters until the lines were gone,” reported in a statement by Clark County on Tuesday.

“We are hoping for a smooth process today, and so far it looks like that’s happening,” a spokesman for the Nevada Republican Party said on Tuesday.

“I have great representatives in Nevada, and a lot of other places, and they felt it was a pretty bad situation out there. We have to keep the system honest,” said Trump in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday.

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