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Trump could lump Healthcare and Infrastructure to pass Trump-care through Congress

US President Donald J. Trump announced on April 5 that he could package an infrastructure plan totaling $1 trillion dollars with reform legislation related to tax or healthcare reform. This is being done to obtain Democratic Party support. In an interview with a prominent media house, the US president could advance unveiling of a plan to reconstruct America's deteriorating roads tunnels and bridges. This program is expected to be launched later in 2017. Trump said that is considering accelerating the package, He may also place it in another bill. The new bill could be anything, from healthcare to anything else. Tax reform is also a possibility.

Davis-Bacon Act

President Trump said that he would make a certain announcement within two weeks concerning whether he will want changes made to wage low applicable for federal projects ostensibly blamed by a number of conservative groups for inflating expenses. When questioned, he did not say what this announcement will entail. Conservative groups have put pressure on amending the Davis-Bacon Act. This requires contractors engaged in federal projects to pay the local prevailing wages.

Palatable to Democrats

Efforts have been made by The White House to refresh up healthcare talks even as searches are being made for a number of other legislative measures. Reforming the US tax system will give a fillip to Trump during the early days of his presidency.  According to Elaine Chao, the United States transportation secretary, President Trump has made a $1 trillion plan spread over 10 years to modernize American roads, airports, water systems, bridges and airports. He said that he wanted to make the process faster, but declined to provide a timeline.

President Trump from the Republican Party said that Democratic members desperately want infrastructure. They thus would be much more likely to give their signs on to a tax reform backed by Republicans. Democrats may also support the healthcare bill if spending on bridges and roads are included. Trump reminded everyone about the trillion dollar infrastructure spending plan.

Trump said that a few infrastructure projects could be constructed through the public-private partnership method. He, however, declined to say the split between private and public. However, since interest rates are low, the government could be much better off financing all projects independently. The businessman turned president said that since it does not involve much expense to borrow, there is no need to go for public private partnership. This is as the latter could turn out to be extremely expensive.

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