Trump Disapproves of Jay-Z’s ‘Superbug’ Tag in Racism Discussion


Sunday saw President Trump duly hitting back at rapper Jay-Z, after he dismissed the idea that the new administration has been favorable for the nation’s African Americans. He also referred to the president as a “superbug” when discussing his alleged racist remarks.

Trump defends his administration, cites drop in black unemployment

In response to Jay-Z’s comments, Trump tweeted that somebody needs to inform the rapper that it was because of his policies that the unemployment rate among the blacks has been recorded at its lowest level ever.

Shawn Carter, who goes around with the name ‘Jay-Z’ had made an appearance on ‘The Van Jones Show’ on CNN on a Saturday night recently. He was asked for his opinion on Trump allegedly describing African nations as “shitholes” and he said that it was unacceptable and hurtful and made everyone angry. He added that it was painful because the president was literally putting down an entire population living in the country.

According to Politifact, a fact-checking site, Trump and his administration’s claims about unemployment among African Americans are correct as far as the numbers are concerned; however, they disregard economic gains that are under the control of Democrats.

Government statistics report that there was a 6.8 percent drop in unemployment for the Black population in December last year, indicating a remarkable low.

Jay-Z believes blacks need more than money and employment

Jay-Z believes that the lowering of unemployment among the blacks doesn’t exactly compensate for President Trump’s attitude. According to the rapper, the issue is not ultimately only about the money and is not equivalent to happiness.

The current rate of black unemployment i.e. 6.8%, is the lowest recorded rate since the time Bill Clinton was president.

On Sunday, Jones, earlier an adviser to Obama, came on Reliable Sources on CNN and applauded Jay-Z saying that they had quite a powerful moment at the show. He added that it seemed like the president missed the entire point and made himself walk back into a trap. His comments were trending all over the world and while it was good publicity for the TV show, it wasn’t that great for the nation- a president lecturing a black rapper about issues concerning the African Americans with poor facts and zero information on the show. Jones also said that the president hasn’t faced the “struggles” and that makes all the difference.

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