Trump does Campaign-Style Rally in Japan: Kick-Starts Asia Tour

Trump’s Asia tour started in Japan this Sunday with him undertaking a traditional, campaign-style rally with his national troops. This long tour will possibly be focused on discussions about the North Korean nuclear threat.

Trump confident about facing international challenges

President Trump chose to adopt a military-style tone in an attempt to showcase toughness while facing global challenges. In his first speech in Tokyo, he was reported saying that the armed forces in America were prepared to protect itself as well as its allies. He added that no nation, no regime, and no dictator should dare to underestimate the American resolve. He addressed an audience of several hundred military personnel and told them that they were the biggest threat to dictators and tyrants looking to harm the innocent.

In his speech, Trump also highlighted how America had defeated all ISIS attacks, one after the other. He has also proposed an increase in the national defense budget.

Mr. Trump had a conversation with various American and Japanese business executives on Monday and brought up familiar topics relating to the triumph of the economic policies drafted by him. He also ordered a call proposing a new trade agreement with Japan.

Trump to attend East Asia Summit

President Trump’s Asia continent trip would be the lengthiest trip undertaken by a U.S. president in over 25 years. He is scheduled to make additional halts in China, the Philippines, and South Korea. According to Trump’s advisers, he has a tight and intense schedule of summits and meetings ahead of him. But he got an opportunity to relax and unwind while playing golf with the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe at the Kasumigaseki Country Club this Sunday.

On Friday, Trump made an unexpected announcement that further extended his already lengthy trip. He said that he was going to participate in the East Asia Summit, scheduled to be held on November 14 in Manila. Trump said that although he was warned about the summit being quite grueling, he was ready to be a fresh attendee.

According to the White House administration, the trip is an opportunity for Trump to highlight his close connection with various world leaders such as the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, and Mr. Abe. At the same time, he would also request for trade agreements that would benefit America after its withdrawal from the comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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