Trump Fails to Confirm that U.S. Will not Respond in Kind with North Korea

The North Korean issue has escalated to new heights with Kim Jong carrying out yet another test that officials claim has been successful. This time, it appears a hydrogen bomb was tested and U.S. defense experts have no reason to believe that North Korea's claims are untrue. While this has given cause for anxiety, President Trump's failure to confirm that the U.S. will not resort to military action has escalated tensions as well.

Trump criticizes but fails to reassure

According to North Korean sources,  the latest weapon to be tested is one that can be loaded onto a long range missile. This news is worrisome for the U.S. in particular as North Korea has clearly set its sights on U.S. territories, going so far as to say that Guam will be targeted primarily in a bid to send a message to the Americans. Given the situation and the pace at which it has been deteriorating, President Trump's failure to assure that the U.S. will NOT respond in kind, by launching an attack, has only served to cause further  concerns. Responding to a question about the North Korean testing and whether or not the U.S. will take military action, President Trump responded with a non- committal 'we'll see' instead of categorically stating that the response will not be of the military kind. This has served to aggravate concerns some more because if the U.S. reacts with by launching an attack, things can go downhill very quickly.

Meetings with defense secretary conducted

There is no question that the White House is taking the threat seriously. The President has already held a meeting with Defense Secretary on this issue and with other military leaders as well. Defense Secretary James Mattis has confirmed this news. There has been no official confirmation of the kind and capacity of the device that was tested in North Korea but it will be remembered that as early as in July, officials had confirmed that North Korea had created a nuclear warhead that could fit onto an ICBM.

Meanwhile Mr. Trump has also indicated that he is considering implementing economic restrictions that will impact North Korea in a bid to curb the nation's aggressive military stance. In a tweet that he posted, he said that the U.S. may think about cutting off trade relations with all nations that carry out business with North Korea.

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