Trump Foundation under Probe by NY Attorney General

To ensure that the Donald J. Trump Foundation was complying with the state’s non-profit organizations regulations, New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, has opened an inquiry. Scheiderman is a Democrat and a supporter of Trump’s Presidential rival, Hillary Clinton. He has previously sued the Trump University, earlier this year, for fraud to the tune of $40 million in restitution plus penalties. He had termed the institution a fraud from “beginning to the end.”

Although Schneiderman has refused to reveal specific reasons for the probe, he has stated that there might have been wrong-doings from the Trump Foundation with regards to the non-profit organizations laws. He went on to state that it is just to make sure that the organization is being run.

Trump’s spokesman Steven Cheung, has completely dismissed the claims by stating that were simply motivated by political reasons. He went on to accuse Schneiderman of turning a blind eye to the Clinton Foundation for years. Trump has previously accused the Clinton Foundation of corruption while she was Secretary of State. According to Trump, global donors received favors in exchange for large donations to the foundation. No evidence was ever found to support those claims and Clinton immediately dismissed it as a political smear campaign.

Democrats are using an AP report to suggest that the Trump Foundation was used for political purposes when Trump University was under investigation by the State of New York. The report claims that the Foundation donated $25,000 to a committee supporting Florida’s attorney general, Pam Bondi. Democrats are claiming that once the donations were made, Bondi dismissed the idea of joining NY in the lawsuit against. Bondi has since responded saying that the report is misleading.

Various reports are suggesting that the cause for the probe is that various donations to the foundation were claimed to be from Trump himself, which was not the case according to tax records. Moreover, Trump allegedly used $20,000 of the charity’s money to buy a painting a himself. Jason Miller, a senior communications advisor to the Trump campaign, stated that all of this was just a distraction to turn eyes away from Clinton’s “disastrous week.” Trump supporters are also claiming that the DNC is just creating a distraction as WikiLeaks has just tweeted that more DNC party emails will be leaked.

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