Trump: Guam and its Governor to be Famous

Even as North Korea is escalating the war of words with a clear statement of intent to attack Guam, U.S. President Trump has told the governor of Guam that he 'will become extremely famous'. It appears that the President called the governor on Friday after the threat by North Korea to attack and told him that thanks to the threat, Guam, and its governor would both become globally known names.

Governor feels 'safe' and 'confident'

Responding to Trump, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo is said to have assured the president that he feels 'safe and confident' because he is in the Oval Office in the U.S. On his part, Trump has reassured the Governor that ' we are going to do a great job here' on American soil so there is no cause for Guam to worry. Trump has also explained why Guam and its Governor are going to be 'extremely famous' because all the world is talking about this little region and he has said that Guam's tourism is going to 'go up tenfold' with no cost to the little territory. The talk between the two leaders apparently ended with Trump congratulating the governor on the windfall by way of tourism that he believes awaits Guam.

No end in sight to Trump's aggressive speeches  

Meanwhile, it appears that President Trump is in no way keen to end his fiery speeches, which many believe is unnecessary aggression given Kim Jong- Un attacking stance. It is Trump's fire and fury speech that worsened the situation and prompted North Korea to issue more ultimatums of its own. Trump has followed it up with a boast about the nuclear weapons that the U.S. possesses with a message that he is hopeful he will not have to use them. There was also a message from the president about Kim Jong Un will 'regret it' if he threatens the U.S. or its allies. The talk gains significance even as defense experts point out that North Korea does indeed now possess the capability to launch a missile with nuclear warheads that can reach New York or other U.S. locations.

Guam's governor has taken a favorable view of the U.S. president's aggressive stance though and he has clarified that both John Kelly, Chief of Staff, and President Trump have given assurance that the people of Guam are safe.

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