Trump Hits Out at New Mexico’s Latino Governor

New York billionaire turned politician, Donald Trump has constantly been in the news for his spiteful and bigoted comments for nearly a year now. The real estate businessman has been flippant about basic human conditions and rights. However, he has still managed to be the presumptive candidate for the Republican Party in the ongoing primaries for the President of the United States of America.

Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy, and embraces them and tries to stir up public angst in the direction towards a presumed common enemy. He has managed to successfully do so and rise to a forefront position not only in the Republican Party, but also in the Presidential race of 2016.

Trump’s ongoing hate speech

Trump has shown his spite for people this time by hitting out at the governor of the state of New Mexico, which has the largest Hispanic population in the United States of America. The state’s governor Susana Martinez is a Republican, who came into power in a state that Obama had won twice during his Presidential campaign.

The Hispanic community driven state has managed to make a large impact on the American economy and has not been one of the worst performers. However, this did not stop Donald Trump from being dismissive and ignorant about several issues.

In the typical manner, Donald Trump chastised Susana Martinez claiming that she did not do a good job with the state’s affairs. Trump, in particular, hit out at Martinez’s inability to curb unemployment which has been one of the biggest challenges that has dogged the state.

Trump has also been very dismissive about the Hispanic population in generally. This incident brought Trumps bigotry to the forefront. Trump had also mentioned that he could do a better job than her if he was the governor of New Mexico.

The victim of Trumps abuse

Susana Martinez was touted by the Republican Party to be the running mate and Vice President nominee for Trumps presidential race. The comments on Martinez however, have changed the ball game entirely. Trump’s comments were insensitive and had discomforted many people. The Republican Party immediately came to Martinez’s side to defend her on the work she has done. Many politicians including the likes of Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio came out in her defense praising her work in the state.

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