Trump makes government formation a spectacle


For President Elect Donald J. Trump, the formation of government is also a manufactured for television extravaganza, where probable candidates for the top posts in offer are paraded for all the world to see and enjoy. The hoped-to-be-anointed officials have strutted up the driveway of Trump National Golf Club, meeting Trump at the entrance while facing cameras.

Showbiz presidency

Trump clearly knows how to milk his audience. He offers a teaser about the coming announcements. When asked about whether he may appoint anyone on a Sunday, the real estate billionaire did not rule it out either. Among his many guests include Rudolph W. Guiliani, Mitt Romney and James N. Mattis. The latter is a retired member of the Marine Corps, where his last post was being a general. Trump has already declared him as an impressive person and a general’s general.

One thing was apparent, however. It is seen that Trump’s preference for all posts linked to national security tended to be towards older Caucasian men who harbor similar hawkish views on immigration, terrorism and the military. Majority of the frontline candidates also seem to be white men. Prominent among them is Guiliani. It is to be mentioned that the business activities of the latter have come under the government scanner before. In the event of Guiliani becoming Secretary of State, he would be constantly supervised over his security company’s ties to the Qatari administration. There was also the matter of him giving speeches to an Iranian opposition group which was once included under the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations. The group was released from the terror tag only in 2012.


Trump, for his part, was candid when asked whether he was concerned about Guiliani’s business dealings. He said that it does not concern him in the slightest. The billionaire has clearly rejected all conventions when it came to choosing his government apparatchiks. He took almost public interviews of candidates, before seeing them off in their SUVs and then interacting with reporters.

Trump, by evening, showed no inclination towards announcements of any candidate, leaving scribes to speculate on the brief comments dispersed by the President-Elect himself. All he could say to them that he has made a few deals. The billionaire, however, continued with his tradition of early morning explosive tweets. He condemned the Hamilton cast for its appeal to Vice-President-Elect Mike Pence -who was in the audience himself-to uphold rights of “diverse America”. He urged the producers and casts of the play to apologize to Pence for their seemingly terrible behavior.

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