Trump mangles Facts in Campaign

Donald J. Trump, the Republican Party presidential candidate, cited a number of excerpts of speeches made by Hillary Clinton, his Democratic contender. These are closed door speeches, and given in full by emails that were leaked by WikiLeaks. A simple fact check revealed that the Republican has twisted the excerpts in a number of instances.

Campaign of lies

Trump made the comments when he was campaigning in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. He held a piece of paper and made his commentary at the venue. He detailed a number of quotes ostensibly said by Clinton when she gave a speech to the financial firms and other organizations post her leaving the State Department. Additional claims were made by the Republican in Ambridge, Pa on October 10.

When it came to the Clinton speeches, Josh Schwerin, the spokesperson for the Clinton campaign, said that it is not possible to confirm authenticity of any WikiLeaks. However, it is possible to provide complete excerpts as in those leaked emails- the bulwark for Trump’s claims.

If one believes Trump, then Clinton has admitted to ISIS infiltrating into the United States with refugees. The Republican also asked the reason his Democrat contender is allowing people into America. A little research proves that Trump is lying. Clinton talked about Jordan vetting refugees entering that country- and not the United States.

Insurance and ISIS

Another Trump allegation is that Clinton prefers a Canada like “single payer” system of healthcare. The reality is that Clinton has advocated the advancement of the existing employer centric system to reach “universal coverage”. The Republican said that Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime ally of the Clintons, wrote that the 2012 Benghazi attack could have been prevented and American personnel in Libra was let down by the State Department under Clinton. The truth is that a Newsweek senior writer wrote that, and not Blumenthal.

Trump also makes totally false allegations that Clinton wants to cancel Medicate and Social Security. The reality is that Clinton has supported the base of the deficit reduction plan. This plan involved cuts in spending and increasing the revenues. The Republican quoted that Clinton has said that terrorism is simply a quote- and not any threat to the United States. In actuality, Clinton said that terrorism cannot be a threat to the national identity of the United States. It means that this criminal activity will not endanger society or the economy. She also said that terrorism is a danger to Americans and is a real threat in this regard.

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