Trump may dump US “One China” policy

Chinese state media has vehemently protested the Donald Trump gambit of possibly winning the present “One China” policy followed by the United States. The present policy sees the US having exclusive formal ties with Beijing and not recognizing Taiwan. The latter is seen by Beijing as a kind of breakaway province. This US-China deal has been running for decades and is the cornerstone of relations between the two nations.

Response from Beijing

President-Elect Donald Trump has now publicly said as to why the United States will continue this relationship until the mainland provides the US a few important concessions. Beijing’s response has been predictable. There was an angry response from the PRC, with an editorial in pro-government and hawkish Global Times newspaper warning him about the futility of trading the existing One China policy. The US broke its last diplomatic ties with Taiwan in 1979. It has from then spoken only to Beijing, leading to deep ties with he mainland. The American and Taiwanese governments, however, continued to maintain close unofficial ties over a number of years.

President-Elect Trump, in his interview to a major media house, said that he does not understand why the United States continues to be shackled by One China policies. He added that the old policy can continue only after China makes new deals with the US on a number of things- including trade. Trump was blunt when he said that China does not co-operate with the US in matters of the former’s currency. This non-cooperation also extends to dealings in the South China Sea and on the issue of North Korea.

Independent US policy

China was, as expected, harsh in its answers. The editorial of Global Times, the state media outlet, had angry overtones. It warned the President-Elect that there will be no trading of One-China policy. The paper labeled his taking of the Taiwanese phone call a rash act and reminded him to learn diplomacy.

Trump was extremely clear during the media interview that the US will not cow down to a third country when it comes to interacting with Taiwan. He said that Beijing cannot dictate whether the President of the United States could answer a call from a Taiwanese leader. He said that it will be disrespectful to the Taiwanese premier if he refused to take the call. The President-Elect during the same interview, said that he disbelieves an assessment made by the CIA that hackers from Russia tried to influence the United States Presidential election in his favor.

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