Trump May Have Just Raked up a Record Amount of Funds

Trump’s email fund raising campaign might just be the biggest ever seen and experienced in this country. If reports from his campaign are to be believed, he just raked in $3 million through just email campaigns.

That is people sending the real estate mogul money. In addition to this amount, Trump will be putting in his own money amounting to at least $2 million. Raising that much money through email has never been done before. That makes Trump’s pitch through email the most successful email pitch of all time as far as politics is concerned. Putting that into perspective, to raise this sum of money, Trump will need at least 6 million supporters because not every person receiving a mail will respond with cash.

Experts on fund raising are skeptical about this amount, saying that it may not be possible and the estimate of $3 million may be too high to be viable. If he did, however manage to pull off $3 million, then experts warned that the Democrats should be really worried. While it seemed like a joke at one point, which got serious, the chances of Trump actually ousting Clinton are very real.

The Trump Republicans were hoping for

In light of this news, Trump took to stage and was almost civil. He almost resembled an actual Republican nominee at the stage. The speech was finally systematic, focused, and in spite of streaming a lot of falsehood and spewing with insults, was unlike the man America has gotten used to. He did not reference the Federal Judge, did not come up with any ethnic slurs, and did not insult any of his Republican mates. He was almost disciplined.

He instead took to bringing down, what he called ‘rigged’ political and economic system, he used the word rigged over 10 times in the speech. He also kept his attacks on Hillary Clinton alive, calling her a world class liar and a danger to the country. Amidst all this noise he also called himself a fixer and that he would make America richer, bigger, and stronger, making it better overall.

The 42 minute speech was more of a performance than anything else. The question on everybody’s mind is whether or not Trump can be this way, like an actual candidate and not a loud, shouting mass of insults till November. To reiterate, Trump has a legitimate chance of becoming the next President of USA.

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