Trump may withdraw U.S. from Paris Climate Agreement

With the Paris Accords ratified by over 145 countries worldwide, President Trump has gone against the grain and is widely believed to pull the United States of America out of the Accords.

But why?

With the governments of the world seeing and understanding the importance of finding ways to boost renewable resources and cut down on emissions, solar power has been brought up the world over. It’s cheap, it’s efficient, and countries are more than willing to spend big on it, as evidenced by the United Arab Emirates announcing a plan to spend over $150 billion between now and 2050. The best part is that they have estimated the savings to come from this investment to be in the green, with $192 billion being touted as the amount to be saved by 2050. This coming from a country heavily dependent on subsidized natural gas. But the UAE is not the only country making waves, China has become the world’s leader in solar energy production, and even though the current output is only roughly 1% of the nation’s need, the step in the right direction is more of a leap. What’s more is that they are using innovative solutions to their congestion problem, with the world’s largest floating solar plant being introduced today in China, in an old coal mine which has now filled up with rain water. The thing is this isn’t rare, Japan, Germany, Italy, France and even India are all heavily involved in the solar production, showing how important it has become worldwide.

The saddest part is that the United States is not far behind, based on installed capacity the US is 4th, only behind China, Japan and Germany. Great Britain has recently announced that 24% of all the energy needs at midday in the country have been supplied by solar panels. And at least one of the States is similarly active, California in particular is leading the way, having just recently set and then broke the record with over 56% of energy supplied through solar power in a day. But it isn’t just about production, solar plants have been creating jobs in the US at a rate that has exceeded the rest of the economy 17 times over. In addition, about half of these jobs are in installation, blue collar work that nets a higher pay than traditional blue collar work.


It’s not just about climate change, which according to President Trump and over 22 GOP senators doesn’t exist, it’s about jobs, it’s about staying relevant in the global scene. It’s about not alienating the US from the rest of the world. Instead of pulling out of the Paris Accords, this should be used as impetus for President Trump to ramp up production across the States, decreasing the dependence on fossil fuels and coal as well as creating much needed jobs for blue collar workers.

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