Trump Plans to End Birthright Citizenship

It seems that the Trump administration has set its sights, once again, on the limitation of immigration. This time, he has focused on the citizenship that is given to babies that are born on American soil, seeking to rescind a policy that he called “ridiculous.”

 In an interview released by Axios earlier this morning, the President was asked about his plan to go about this revocation of a right. His response was that it was possible to do so with the use of an executive order as well as going through Congress. The idea that he has the power to alter how the 14th Amendment applies is creating an intense debate among political scholars, lawmakers, and, even a Trump appointed judge.

The 14th Amendment phrase in question is from the first section: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

The goal of Trump, aside from giving himself even more media coverage, is to prevent illegal immigrants from having children within the United States who then gain citizenship, also known as an anchor baby. Whether or not this is a constitutional act will be up for the Supreme Court to debate, which is even more interesting considering that there is no precedent ruling on this issue.


  1. Kyle Santos 5 months ago

    What is the world coming to? For the record I’m not American and know many people that have benefitted from birthright citizenship. It’s a nonsense.

    • John Garcia 5 months ago

      This is what happens when you elect the most racist and morally bankrupt president in modern history: White supremacist Trump claims authority to gut the 14th Amendment and strip constitutional citizenship from American children born to immigrants…

    • David Gonsch 5 months ago

      If this Trump Executive Order prevails at #scotus it actually means that children of illegals have never been and are not currently US citizens because it means the Executive branch never had the authority to permit birthright citizenship in the first place, ever.

  2. Michael T. Fulton 5 months ago

    I want to know who is getting deported first: kids born to non US citizens aka Barron Trump born to Melania Trump w questionable US citizenship via an Einstein visa. Ivana wasn’t a citizen when Ivanka, Don Jr. & Eric were born.

    • Linda Lee 5 months ago

      Why is Trump making an empty threat about birthright citizenship? It’s all about the midterms

  3. Ronald Hiot 5 months ago

    Trump lacks authority to end birthright citizenship, but talking about it could mobilize his base,

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