Trump Policies Rumble the Middle East

Any prospect of peace in the Middle East during the Trump era became scarcer with the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem. The event was marred by bloodshed in Gaza. There were concerns that the American policies were pushing the larger Middle East region into a deeper, intractable effort. The embassy move damaged the stature of Washington as a mediator between the affected parties- Israel and Palestine. This decision by the United States has tumbled a domino effect with fully unpredictable consequences.

Withdrawal diplomacy

Trump, at the same time, continues to win global support for his steadfast efforts to win a deal with North Korea, a nuclear-armed nation. The US President's troubling decisions in the Middle East are creating problems in a region where previous US administrations generally went for a much sought-after diplomatic prize- the prized peace agreement signed between Israel and Palestine.

The forced withdrawal of the United States from Iran nuclear deal by the Trump administration, against the advice of European allies, have pushed both Iran and Israel to move full steam towards a full-on confrontation. Trump's wish to empty Syria of American troops as quickly with the defeat of Islamic State meant Tehran could fill the gap with its own military and logistical rank and file.

Restarting the peace process

That the Trump policies are not well thought out are being confessed by the US's own diplomats. Dan Shapiro, a former American ambassador to Israel, said that the United States cannot be responsible for Iran being the source of stability and tension within the region. The US diplomats, both past and present, have questions about what will the US do after it pulls out of the region or is it a strategy to tackle Iran that's fully prepared to influence the region in its own guide.

American officials have insisted that the administration continues to be committed to restarting the halted peace process between Israel and Palestine. Jared Kushner, adviser to President Trump and also son-in-law, said the United States is ready to support any peace agreement in every possible way. What was left unsaid was that Kushner's team was forced to shelve Trump's long-anticipated peace plan amidst the Palestinian protests over embassy move. The Palestinians have cut off all ties with Washington, resulting in a diplomatic chill which makes it impossible for Trump to introduce a plan which will be palatable to the Palestinians.

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