Trump praised by Louisiana leaders for positive Keystone XL pipeline

The Keystone XL pipeline project, widely supported by Louisiana lawmakers, are now getting renewed traction. It was delayed by a number of years during the Obama era. This advancement was made possible by the newly minted United States President Donald J. Trump. He proactively took a number of steps to push through the project.

Important issue

Keystone is an issue that is popular in both sides of the Canada and the United States border. The pipeline will link the Canadian oil fields with Texas refineries. President Trump’s active participation in Keystone XL signaled a significant shift in US policy concerning climate change and energy policy. The pipeline was mired in controversy from the start. The president issued an executive order to advance the construction of Dakota Access pipeline. The latter will carry oil. It was previously stopped due to massive protests against its commissioning. The former President, Barack Obama, has personally intervened to stop Keystone XL. He was concerned about the project’s negative impact over the environment.

Trump orders

President Trump overrode all environmental concerns, citing that the only condition for the constructing company, named as TransCanada, to build the pipeline is they will buy only US made pipes. He urged the company to resubmit the application. Online when they will apply will they get a presidential permit to operate pipeline. Although the timeline continues to be confusing, many members of the Louisiana Congressional delegation praised the move. Similar sentiments were also echoed by the state’s gas and oil industry representatives. Bill Cassidy, an elected Republican Senator from Baton Rouge, said that it is clear that President Trump is going to fulfill all promises which the Republican Party has made to US residents. Another GOP senator, John Kennedy from Madisonville echoed the same opinion, describing the new presidential action as a kind of encouraging development for the Louisiana families who have contributed an immense amount to the gas industry and also to the oil industry in the state.

Senator Kennedy spared no criticism of the previous Obama administration. He said that the former Democrat president followed destructive policies which cost the state a large number of jobs and also harmed the existing energy industry in the state. Even though the Keystone pipeline will bypass Louisiana, its supporters assert that the pipeline will greatly help the economy of the state. The recession in Louisiana happened due to the reduction in the oil prices.

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