Trump pushes Republicans to pass Health Bill

Sceptical GOP lawmakers were pushed by President Donald J. Trump on March 23 to provide their support behind the new wide ranging health insurance overhaul. If they do not, the president warned, the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it is popularly known, will remain in place. Right now, Trump does not have the requisite support to pass such a bill.

Divisions within Republicans

A few conservatives are afraid that the bill was too expensive. It was also insufficient to roll bacnk the mandates on federal health insurance. The Republican moderates continue to grapple with the worries felt by state governors. They are anxious that a benefits loss cannot be stomached by their constituents. There is thus a possibility of the Trump administration facing an intensely humiliating defeat on the first major legislative push of the presidency.

President Trump demanded through Mick Mulvaney, his director of budgets. The latter delivered the ultimatum during a meeting with the House Republicans. The meeting itself was held after the President spent all day trying to convince his own party members to support the brand new health bill. Republican leaders now expect a good showdown on floor. They are quite aware that in all probability, there will be a deficiency in the votes to make a majority for health insurance bill.

Trump vs. Freedom Caucus

President Trump, in his meeting with Freedom Caucus members, a hardline group within the GOP, had consented to strip the federal health insurance needs for a few fundamental benefits like emergency services, wellness visits and maternity care. However, that was insufficient to placate this faction.

President Trump was himself in an unforgiving mood. He sent a number of senior officials to Capitol with a clear message: there would be no more changes. The GOP members must also support this bill or see the former President’s creation remaining unchanged and in its place.

White House officials, in their private discussions, concede that the Republican factions competing against each other may result in destroying the effort. When Trump conceded a few of its demands, the Freedom Caucus upped the number of its demands. It began to insist that all ACA regulatory mandates must be repealed. This includes prohibiting the excluded coverage for the pre-existing medical conditions. Coverage for whole life will also be excluded. Trump, for his part, knows that for any concession he makes, he will lose his middle support base. The latter have already expressed concern about insurance benefits and Medicaid cuts.

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