Trump Pushes Senate To Relax Rules, Speed Up Tax And Healthcare Reforms


In his characteristic use of social media to inform future government policy, President Donald J. Trump of the United States again urged the United States Senate to relax its rules. If this is done, Trump reminded them, legislation can be passed by a simple majority. He also requested the lawmakers to give their consent to tax overhauls and healthcare reforms. In his Twitter post, he said that the Senate must switch immediately to 21 votes. They should approve tax cuts and healthcare approved, easily and quickly. He added that the Democrats will do this without any doubt. This plea will not likely be effective as Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader has rejected this same idea earlier in May.

Democrats have exhibited no enthusiasm when it comes to join hands with the GOP to implement plans which will repeal components of ACA. It is also not interested to reduce the rate of taxes for wealthy Americans. Even though GOP members can pass all proposals without the support of Democrats, the Republican Senate members have struggled to enjoy a swift consensus on this issue.

Missing many points

The president of the United States has missed a key point. His call to end the Senate filibuster has ignored the fact that no Democratic vote is needed to pass Affordable Care Act (ACA) bills and tax reform. Republican lawmakers can do it themselves.

Sean Spicer, the Press Secretary of the White House, explained the tweet sent out on May 30. He said that the president is frustrated with the pace the Senate operates and also has a number of long standing concerns regarding the same subjects. Trump wants some “action”. The Press Secretary added that Democrats in the Senate have delayed and also obstructed a number of nominations brought about by the president.

Support in the details

Both the president and the press secretary did not say a word about the highly important component of tax and healthcare reform processes. The reality is that the Senate has the ability to pass both the bills with majority vote. The Republican party is using the budget reconciliation process to pass bills which will overhaul the tax system and also the ACA. The GOP can approve plans with Senate majority votes via reconciliation. It controls a total of 52 seats out of 100 seats in the Senate.

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